Vietnamese Culture after 35 Years of Renovation


Hồ Sĩ Quý
Institute of Social Sciences Information, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. Email:


Vietnamese culture, values, Đổi mới.


After 35 years of Đổi mới (renovation), thanks to overcoming the limitations in previous periods, the Vietnamese culture has established new cultural patterns, actually integrating relatively deeply into mankind’s culture according to the standards of the world community, and achieving some activities on a par with powerful developed countries. The most significant positive point of Vietnamese culture today is that of integration, the aspiration for development, and “healthy nationalism” (Quách Tương Uy, 2010). However, it is inevitably still stifled by low-valued, non-valued, and even counter-valued phenomena, as well as trends that hinder development, such as moral degradation, alienation of the people, deviant social values, declining trust, too many shortcomings in education and healthcare, and so on (Nhân dân Online, 2018). In the spirit of the resolution of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), this situation needs to be properly dealt with for the healthy development of Vietnamese culture in the future.

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Cultural philosophy





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