Vietnam - India Comprehensive Strategic Partnership: Science and Technology Cooperation Perspective


Lê Thị Hằng Nga
Institute of Indian and Southwest Asian Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.


India, Vietnam, science and technology, cooperation.


Science and technology (S&T) cooperation between Vietnam and India is one of the most important areas of bilateral cooperation since the two countries established diplomatic relations in the 1970s. Since 2016, it has become a key pillar of the comprehensive strategic partnership. This paper analyses the strengths of India and Vietnam in the S&T field and the current status of S&T cooperation between the two countries, thereby providing some suggestions to promote bilateral cooperation in this field. Firstly, Vietnam should create a strong research group (a kind of eminent persons’ group), including people with both professional and linguistic capabilities, and who are ready to overcome difficulties in working with Indian partners; and secondly, Vietnam and India should open more affiliated universities in Vietnam and pay attention to improving the quality and efficiency of the existing institutions. There is still great potential for both countries to further accelerate in this important field.

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