Policy on Development of Food Processing Industry in Vietnam


Hồ Việt Hạnh
Graduate Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.
Email: hanhcjs@yahoo.com
Hồ Kim Thuỳ
Institute of Social Sciences of Central Highlands, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.


Processing industry, food, production - processing link, Vietnam.


Based on the analysis of secondary data obtained on the food processing industry and relevant documents of Vietnam authorities, this study shows that the Vietnamese government has instigated many policies to support the industry’s development concerning both production inputs and market outputs for processed food products. Vietnam’s food processing industry has accomplished many remarkable achievements, but they are not commensurate with its development potential, namely to turn Vietnam into a agricultural product processing hub, ranked in the top ten countries in the world by 2030. It is necessary to develop appropriate policies to facilitate the food supply chain from farmers, manufacturers, processors and distributors. Such policies are crucial to create products with a stable and safe quality to meet the needs of consumers; to strengthen information and forecast work on production and marketing; to develop appropriate policies for product structure; and to research into and apply technology for processing and preserving agricultural products.

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Public policy