People’s Land Ownership with State Representing Land Owners in Vietnam


Vũ Văn Phúc
Scientific Council of Central Party Agencies


Land ownership, people’s ownership of land, Vietnam.


The view that land is owned by all people and managed by the State on behalf of the
people and subject to unified management is essential to maintain the sociopolitical stability of the country and ensure the livelihoods of farmers. Summarising the reality of each historical period, the Land Law in Vietnam is gradually being fine-tuned, geared towards addressing the needs of reality, in line with the socialist-oriented market economy and the industrialisation and modernisation of the country. By synthesising documents and comparing private and the people’s ownership of land, the article aims to analyse and present the author’s conception about the people’s ownership of land, indicating that it is an appropriate choice and best to protect the interests of the people.

Classification number

Political economics





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