Influence of International Actors on Developmental State Mindset in Vietnam


Lê Quang Hòa
Institute of Political Sciences, Hồ Chí Minh National Academy of Politics. Email:


Developmental state, developmental state mindset, Vietnamese developmental state mindset.


There has long been a controversy in research literature over the traditional model of a developmental state compared with new one in light of globalisation. The traditional developmental state with its key features of a strong influential leadership, effective political-economic institutions, and key developmental policy choices, is normally demonstrated as a strong interventionist state, leading the way in national economic development. Meanwhile, the new developmental state model, within the global context and international actor influences, has been evolving and becoming more neoliberal. In light of these debates, this paper investigates the case of Vietnam to show the influence of international actors on the developmental state mindset in the country. These include foreign economic actors (focusing on foreign direct investment - FDI); international organisations (IOs); and international non-government organisations (INGOs). The paper then explores the perceptions of the influence that these actors have and the ways they actually influence the developmental state mindset in Vietnam and related policy domains.

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