Impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution on Production Forces and Suggestions for Vietnam


Lý Hoàng Mai
Vietnam Institute of Economics, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.


Fourth Industrial Revolution, productive forces, Vietnam


The emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has changed the mode of production of many industries and sectors in the economy, turning science and technology into direct productive forces and creating material premises that make productive forces experience remarkable development. Thus, a creative application of the appropriate laws of production with the nature and level of development of the productive forces and the fundamental laws of the development of human society is essential. The article presents views on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, its influence on the development and transformation of the productive forces and proposes some recommendations for Vietnam, including building institutions for science and technology to lead the process of economic restructuring; establish mechanisms and policies so that human capital becomes a key factor in transforming growth models; and taking advantage of the demographic dividend period, and information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.

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