Characteristics of Job-related Happiness Types Case Study of Female Employees in Science


Phan Thị Mai Hương
Institute of Psychology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.
Lã Thị Thu Thủy
Institute of Psychology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.
Nguyễn Hữu Minh
Institute for Family and Gender Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.


Eudaimonic job-related happiness, job satisfaction, happiness at workplace, hedonic job-related happiness.


Happiness is a concept that has not yet reached a consensus in terms of its content because of its many different meanings. The purpose of this paper is to characterise happiness patterns in the workplace to contribute to a better understanding of the evidence-based concept of happiness. A cross-sectional study was conducted on female employees at a scientific institution with a strength of 720 people. The Happiness at Work Scale was developed to collect data on 27 items, covering the basic connotations of happiness in the workplace. Statistical analysis results have shown that there are three different types of happiness: job satisfaction, hedonic, and eudaimonic job-related happiness. They are separate, but correlated, and measurable constructs. Some happiness profiles of female employees have been outlined. The results showed the multidimensional and complex features of the concept of happiness in the workplace in Vietnam, and built a reliable and valid measure of happiness at work.

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